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If you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, then you likely have visions of earning a bunch of money so that you can live the lifestyle you want. Quit your day job, travel the world, and spend more time with your family, right?

While that does sound appealing, too many entrepreneurs assume that there is only one way to achieve that goal. Once you grow the business, and money starts pouring in, the rest of the lifestyle will come into play.

Unfortunately, life rarely works that way. If you want to start a business to spend time with your family, they have to be involved in that decision, as well as everything that comes after. It’s no good to spend 90 hours a week working on your company if it’s going to destroy your relationships.

Ariana Sylvester understands the value of alignment as well as anyone. She met her husband Tom in college, and they had a five-year plan of getting married, buying a house, and having kids. However, while she wanted the “traditional” path, Tom realized that entrepreneurship was the way to go. He didn’t share that idea with Ariana, though, until after the fact.

Fortunately, they were able to talk through everything and make it work, but not all couples are that lucky or that open to communication. Ariana and Tom founded Lifestyle Builders, which is all about helping other entrepreneurs find alignment for themselves. Here is what you need to know.

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Shaping Your Mindset and Your Goals

All too often, entrepreneurs have a specific idea of what success and perseverance look like. They will put in as many hours as it takes to grow the business, and once they reach a certain number of sales, everything will just fall into place.

While that path may work for some people, it’s not the only option. Rather than trying to force yourself to follow the route that others take, you need to look at your own situation. What goals are you trying to achieve? What is most important to you?

For example, if the purpose of starting a business is to spend more time with family, then is working 90 hours a week helping that goal? If you want to travel the world with your spouse, what is that going to look like? Does he or she want that as well?

Entrepreneurship is Not a Solo Enterprise

Even if you’re the only one working on your business, your significant other has to buy into it on some level. It’s impossible to maintain a loving and supportive relationship if your SO is not on board with your efforts.

So, alignment becomes about communicating with your spouse about your goals as individuals and as a couple. What do you want out of life, and how is the business going to help you get there?

If you bring your spouse into the business, as Tom did with Ariana, then communication is even more critical. Any relationship has its setbacks, but adding a company to the mix can make it so much more stressful. Alignment helps you set your personal and professional self on the same track, so progress in one is progress in the other.

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Alignment As a Growth Mechanism

Once you understand the value of alignment for yourself, you can incorporate it into your business. How is your product or service aligned with the needs of your customers? What goals do they have, and how are you helping them achieve it?

For Ariana, assisting entrepreneurs with this realization is a big part of what she and her husband do. Lifestyle Builders is all about getting business owners to the level they want to reach – and alignment is so crucial for that process to work.

If you want to learn more about alignment and hear from Ariana, check out the 6 to 7 Figures Podcast here. You can also find out more about Lifestyle Builders at Once your life is properly aligned, success is inevitable.