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Recently I ran an incredible two-day event in California helping people design a High-Ticket Program and get it launched. The event was over the course of a weekend and we had a great response already.    

The really cool aspect of this event was the intimacy.

We had six people/companies, in the room, all designing a brand new program from scratch, getting things launched. And what was wonderful was that despite it being the weekend, every single one of those six people got sales calls while we were there.

This was Saturday and Sunday and everyone was making bookings through sales calls coming through!  

How it all started

One of my friends helped me put the event together. He and I had a hypothesis last year.

He believed that we could design a High Ticket Program and get it up and running for people in just two days, and get it launched straight away with sales calls before the event even ended.

I thought it was a cool hypothesis so we tested it, ran it a couple of times and we can now say that it actually works.

It’s a pretty cool format.

design a High-Ticket Program in just 2 days
Design a High-Ticket Program in just 2 days!

We also had a virtual format running for people who were unable to attend our California event physically as they were in different cities or countries. So in total, we were supporting over a dozen entrepreneurs design a High-Ticket Program, and we are thrilled that already a number of them have their personal transformation programs.

This is a really important area and there’s a lot of work here.  Not every High Ticket Program has to be about earning money.

As I like to teach people in my High-Ticket Blueprint, there are four reasons people buy into programs.

  1. How to make money
  2. How to save money
  3. How to stay out of jail
  4. How to live a better life

And living a better life is a pretty important one.

Finding quantifiable outcomes

There’s a lot of work in the personal transformation space and here are a couple of things that I’ve noticed.

First of all, the biggest challenge in any program, especially the personal transformation space, is identifying an outcome that’s quantitative and tangible.  Too many people are stuck in the squishy stuff. “I’m trying to centre my chi” or “I’m trying to get clarity and trying to be fulfilled.”

Although these things matter, they are not clear enough.

It’s jargon for you.  

You’re in this space so you get it, but your clients, your prospects do not.

You need to take what they say and translate it into something that’s actionable which is a hard thing for people to do.  At the event, the biggest challenge I faced was identifying what the clear quantifiable outcome was for each of the amazing people I was working with, who were all building their personal transformation programs.  

It’s interesting that I’ve taught this to people for a while to design a High-Ticket Program and when I go over it I think it all seems pretty obvious.  But when I teach it, I’m like “Well, it’s not that obvious anymore.” I figured it might be useful for you if you are in this space.

Question your space

The one question I always ask that helps you move away from the squishy intermediate outcome to a really sold final outcome is:

“What is this in service of, for your client?”

In other words, if you’re saying to yourself you help your clients gain clarity around what they want to do with their lives, you’ve not given an outcome.

Clarity is not an outcome.

What you need to ask and probe further is “Okay, so how does clarity serve my client?  How do they use clarity and what do they do with it?”

You need to ask this question again and again until you get to a place where you understand what works, what doesn’t serve anything additional and what your client actually wants and gains.

For example, if you say;

“I want to help my client get clarity around what they want to do for the rest of their lives.”  

You should ask yourself, what does that help them do, how does it benefit them?

It may help them get a new job. Maybe it’s to help them find a business that they want to run or maybe they need to find a philanthropic cause that they need to be involved with.  Whatever that is, your job in helping get them clarity is not to just leave them with clarity.

Clarity is not the where it stops

If you stop at the clarity, you’re not serving your client. It doesn’t help them actually turn the clarity into something.  You need to take it one step further. When you’re designing a personal transformation program, it’s really important to ask the same question

“What is this in service of, for your client?”

Does this help them start a business?  Maybe you want your client to feel fulfilled?  There’s a lot of entrepreneurs I’ve been working with lately who want to work with women who are feeling unfilled in their lives. Great.

Now, what do you want them to do with that fulfilment? What is it?

Fulfilment in and of itself is not an outcome.  Maybe your client would take the fulfilment and launch off into a project that is really meaningful to them. Well, help them identify that project, find it and get it started.

One of my clients a long time ago was a working mom. She wanted to help her working women clients with work/life balance and we worked on this question:

“Work/life balance in service of what? What does that do?”

The answer was that it allows her clients to find something that they’ve wanted to do but couldn’t because of all the other things that were taking their time and attention.  Sometimes it’s just creating some audacious goal, going in and making it work.

The Patterns that work

In the personal transformation space, this is super important because a lot of times we look at patterns that work really easily. This doesn’t mean to go and copy someone else’s program, but there are certain patterns that tend to work.  

The key to design a High-Ticket Program is a clear and focused outcome

Goal setting and accomplishment is a pattern that really works nicely. Accountability in mastermind’s, around goal setting and achieving a goal, is a really good pattern. Especially as you start off with a lot of clearing the deck, getting people’s minds clear so that they can even envision something amazing for themselves in the future.

You end up doing all of that work and you create clarity. You end up creating fulfilment. You end up creating a bigger vision but you do it in service of some outcome.  

If you have a personal transformation program and you’re having a difficult time setting a big outcome statement, you should ask yourself the question;

“What is this in service of? When I get my client to this intermediate spot that I know is just not solid enough, what is that doing for them?”

This is something I really wanted to share with you because it has come up a number of times and I’m sure you’re going to see similar things.

Drop in the comments if you’re working on a personal transformation program. I am always happy to help and happy to get the group to think about it as well. If you’re having trouble with a big outcome statement, we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

If you want to design a High-Ticket Program for yourself, we should probably talk. Either way, I recommend you get started now. Whether we talk or not, everyone wanting to design a High-Ticket Program, good luck!