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Today I want to share with you one tip that I think would be useful for you to increase to 7 figure productivity. In the last couple of weeks, a number of the entrepreneurs I’ve been talking to have expressed a common issue, and that’s productivity. How do you get everything done that you want to get done during the week? We focus a lot of times on the task list. So you’re creating these to-do lists of things to do, and you just cross them off. 

You might prioritize them. You might have different ways of doing that. But it’s interesting because a lot of people feel like, as they go through those tasks, that moving from one task to the other, there’s this break or this shift in energy as you do that.

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7 Figure Productivity is Not About Multitasking

That is really common, because a lot of these tasks are not related to each other. For example, you might be writing copy, then you have to jump on a call, or then you have to do a podcast interview, or maybe you need to go live in your group or something like that. And all of these tasks have sort of a different energy. So jumping from one to the next can oftentimes be really difficult. And 7 figure productivity is about focus, not multitasking.

So I want to talk to you about time blocking, because that is a really effective way to keep the energy focused on the things that you need to do. I just want to share with you how this works for me. Now, it may be different for you, but this is what I do with my week.

Every day has a different theme. 

Mondays are my work in the business day. 

So I don’t schedule a lot of client meetings that day. I sometimes take it off my calendar. I’ll do some sales calls if we’re getting super busy and then we need to use Monday for that, but primarily, Monday is the day I talk with my internal team about what needs to get done for the week, we do priority setting, and working on things which help the business processes. That’s my Monday.

Tuesday is a client meeting day.

Almost the entire day, I am meeting with clients. I’m talking to them. These are group call schedules. Some of my private coaching clients are on these days. This is where I’ll try to schedule last onboarding calls with people, that last little call before they join one of our programs. I like Tuesday client meetings because it’s a great time to kick things off for them for the rest of the week. So we’ll set goals on Tuesday for them to accomplish for the rest of the week. We get a lot accomplished with this 7 figure productivity.

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Wednesday is my PR day. 

This is where we do a lot of outbound work. We’ll do podcast recordings on Wednesdays. There are a couple of other production work we’ll do for other people where it’s not inside our program. That’s our PR day. So we spend Wednesday really on outreach, posting stuff, trying to get as much outreach in that content as we can.

Thursday, back to client work. 

So again, lots of client calls. Getting client work done is an important part of 7 figure productivity. This is where we have our group call coaching calls. This is where we work with some additional private coaching clients, following up on some of the things that we’ve done. Lots and lots of client outreach work on Thursdays.

And then Fridays are open. 

I try to avoid putting anything on Friday at all, for a couple of reasons. First of all, I’m in this business to have some flexibility and some fun in life. I don’t know about you. I want to be able to take off on a Friday for an early weekend, extend the weekend a little bit. And when we do that, Fridays become the time where I can essentially block everything off the calendar completely. So we will occasionally do some podcast recordings on Fridays, but generally, I leave it open. Sometimes 7 figure productivity is about doing nothing.

If I’m in the office on Friday, it’s another great day to be working in the business and doing some work that is focused on just helping us move things along. But actually, most of my Friday is blocked out pretty clear, especially in the afternoon. We actually cut the calendar off about halfway through Friday and make sure that it’s completely clear so we can go do something. 

7 Figure Productivity is about Time Blocking

The important thing is that the days are time-blocked. Now, the reason that we’ve done that is because the energy that you use to execute those tasks shifts. If you’re going to go from one thing to the next, it can be really hard for you to make that jump, hour after hour, to go from writing copy to talking to a client, to going on Live on Facebook, and then going back and talking to a client again. It’s really hard to jump back and forth like that. So time blocking allows you to keep your energy in the same zone over and over again.

I wanted to share that tip with you because a lot of people are telling me that that’s a difficult thing for them, how to block out that time, how to use it more efficiently. I really think time blocking is a super important strategy you can use. I consider it one of my secret weapons in being able to get a lot done during the week.