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Group Coaching Model 1

As I have been talking to my clients recently we’ve been talking to people about what the prerequisites are for their programs inside the group coaching model. It got me thinking, what is the prerequisite for doing any kind of High Ticket Program design? 

We found that a core fundamental value that needs to be present for you to be able to do this work appropriately and successfully is embodying the word transformation. 

What does Transformation mean in the Group Coaching Model

Transformation means two things in High Ticket Program design development of your group coaching model. The easy one, of course, is you creating transformation for your client.

When we talk about transformation, I’m not talking about small adjustments around the edges. If you’re a service provider who does one little thing in marketing or provides one little training in IT or maybe you just keep a website up and running – that’s not transformational. That becomes a fundamental issue for a lot of people in High Ticket Program design. I’m talking about six or even seven-figure problems where you need to be committed to creating transformation for your client.

Now a lot of people are like, “Well, wait a minute. I’m not in that business, I’m an IT guy, HR person, or a business coach, where does the transformation come from?” That comes down to the impact that you’re having on your client. If you’re going to be delivering a six or seven-figure outcome, there is no way that you can get that done without creating intense and deep personal transformation for people. This is true even in business coaching.

I’ve been engaged in and designed quite a few business coaching programs inside the group coaching model where fundamentally the promised outcome is, “Hey, we’re just trying to make you some money here.” The changes that need to happen in the business, the process, and in the mindset of the individual who’s running that business, they’re foundational.

Transformation is a prerequisite. You need to be changing the lives of your clients which means if you’re not committed to life-changing work in whatever your field of expertise is, you’re going to have a difficult time designing a High Ticket Program and getting people to pay you high ticket prices.

Transformation for you as the entrepreneur

There’s another element that came up in a conversation around transformation that’s just as important. That’s the transformation for you as the entrepreneur. In the process of designing a High Ticket Program inside your group coaching model you have to commit to the success of your client and to the engineered excellence that needs to happen for them to get the desired outcome. 

That requires changes in you. When I do any High Ticket Program design work with a client, this is one of the things that is most critical as the prerequisite for me to work with anyone.

Are you committed to transformation in your client and transformation in yourself? It’s basically a non-negotiable core value. As you’re thinking through your program focus on the concept of transformation and growth.

Group Coaching Model 2

You must commit to transformation. Leave a note and tell me what transformation you’re committed to creating for your client inside your group coaching model. Bonus points if you want to talk about the transformation you’re committed to for yourself as well. And remember, it is about life-changing transformation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business coach, an IT person or a life coach! Thanks for reading!