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Group Coaching Program 1

One thing that I’ve seen trip a lot of people up after they’ve designed and launched a group coaching program is the question “How do I know if something’s wrong with the group program?”

A lot of people wait until they start getting refund requests and people stop joining because they don’t know what to watch for earlier. You don’t want to wait to fix things until they’ve become a disaster. 

Here are some of the top signs that your group program is broken and needs to be fixed.

1. Your group coaching program members do not show up.

Either they are not showing up to calls or within the Facebook group or Slack group, or they don’t show up in your community. If they’re not fully participating they’re not getting the full benefit.

And the worst-case scenario is, of course, when they completely disappear and ghost you.

If you’re starting to see this with your people not showing up, don’t take that as a positive thing. Don’t say, “Oh well, they don’t need any help. They’re getting this all done without me.” That is not a good sign.

“A lack of engagement is a sign that your group coaching program is broken.”

2. Your group coaching program participants don’t do the work.

If you’re starting to bug people like, “Hey, did you turn in this assignment or are you getting stuff done?” And they’re giving you excuses as to why it’s not happening, or they’re saying that they’re fine, but they’re not doing the work, that is not a good sign. 

You definitely do not want to have your participants not fulfilling their work commitments because it’s work that will help them achieve their outcome. 

And if they’re not going to get the outcome they desire, then they’re not going to have a positive experience with your group coaching program.

3. Complaining about the value of the group coaching program.

If you’re beginning to get on calls with customers who are saying they don’t understand the value of your group coaching program, they don’t get the program, they’re not sure why they’re paying you, what they’re paying you. This a very bad sign. 

This is a sign most people don’t ignore…but don’t really know what to do about it.

So, if you start to get people who are saying that they don’t understand the value of your program, then that is definitely a sign your group program may be broken.

4. Broken payment plans.

If you have a payment plan for your program and people stop paying in the middle, that is a sign that you have a program that is broken.

Now, occasionally anytime you do a payment plan, you’re going to have some people not pay.

But if it’s starting to happen more frequently or if it’s starting to become a pattern where all of your payment plan people are not paying then something’s wrong. 

Not everybody’s in a cash flow crisis. 

Sometimes they stop paying because they don’t see the value and they just don’t want to have a conversation with you anymore, so they disappear and they stop paying for the group coaching program. 

That is not a good sign.

5. Your group members stop responding to your messaging.

Perhaps you are reaching out to your participants, either in Slack, the Facebook group or even directly through email or Facebook Messenger, and they’re not responding to you even though everything else is going great then this is a sign something is awry.

They have made a determination that talking to you is not worth it to them. It’s not high enough on their priority list. And that’s not a good place to be in.

You want to communicate that you and your staff are super important because you want your group program members to believe, understand and realize that connecting with your staff is the thing that’s going to help them get where they want to go. 

This can be a serious problem in the making.

6. They don’t want to work with you after the group coaching program is over.

You’ve got a participant that finishes all of their work. It looks like they did a good job. They seem to be happy, no complaints, but when you offer something else either to work with them one on one or in an ascension offer, they decline, but everything else was fine.

Someone who got decent results as far as you are aware, but they don’t want to continue to work with you is a sign that your group coaching program is broken.

Even though they’re telling you that everything was fine, they’re avoiding the conversation because they don’t want to work with you anymore.

Now sometimes, it’s just not a good fit. 

But if you’re getting several people to tell you at the end that it seemed to be going well, but they don’t want to continue to work with you, that is a sign that your program is broken.

7. You are spending two hours or more per week fixing customer problems.

If you, the entrepreneur, are spending more than two hours a week dealing with customer issues where someone is complaining or something’s not working, then your program is broken because clearly, it’s taking more time than it should.

You should not be spending more than two hours a week fixing these kinds of problems. In fact, it would be great if you weren’t spending more than one hour a week fixing those kinds of problems.

You’re always going to have some problems in a group program. It’s just the way it is, especially as you’re ironing things out. But if it’s taking too much of your time and it’s taking time away from you servicing customers and from you creating new content or you don’t have a team that’s helping you deal with these things, then you definitely have a problem with your group program.

If you’re dealing with any of these signs, then reach out and let’s talk because any one of them in and of itself is not a good thing.