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16 Assignments
12 Projects
7-Figure Service Business


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The 6 to 7 Figure Show

Interviews with successful service business owners and entrepreneurs who have scaled into 7-figures or are on their way there. We discuss how they have productized their service and what it takes to grow while reducing the time spent in the business.

How to Create Predictable & Consistent Cash Flow

Cash flow is the life blood of your business. If you want to scale, you have to have a consistent flow of cash. But you also need to be able to predict – and control – how many clients are coming in at any one time. In this free training, you’ll learn the five things you need in your business to create this critical asset.

Mentorship Program for High-Ticket Program Development

If you are looking to design, launch, and run your own successful High-Ticket Program, then HTP Arise is the mentorship program for you. In just 16 weeks, we help you design your High-Ticket Program. You’ll get your first pilot group going and you’ll even run the first few weeks of the program with our team right beside you. Our goal for you: 10 high-ticket clients added to your roster. And that’s just the beginning.

“I started working with Frank when I was back at zero. Even though I had some questions about what he asked me to do, I decided to follow through and execute his strategy. I’m glad I did. I sold over $130k in just 3 months. Since then, the price of my program has quadrupled and I’m still selling it!”


– Martin Barnes, Founder, BrandXpand

“Frank has both the business savvy and the people savvy to take big concepts and break them down into actionable steps. And he’s wicked smart!”


– Susan Sandler, Strategic Consultant and Theatrical Keynote Speaker

“What I’ve learned from Frank in a very short period of time I still implement today and has grown not only my fitness business to multiple six figures, but it has helped me to scale my mastermind, and to scale my second business which is also in the multiple six figures already.”

– Chris Spearman, Founder, Spearman Fitness