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Overcoming objections is a crucial skill for success. A lot of people who are selling their program or are trying to enroll people into a High Ticket Program and one thing that really messes them up is a mindset issue they possess that you’re going to have to push through. 

And that is the fear. The fear of being sold to.

So many entrepreneurs are worried. 

They’re nervous about getting into a sales conversation with someone. 

They’re scared of being sold to.

Overcoming Objections 1

They’re scared of being taken advantage of.

They’re scared that someone else in a sales conversation or enrollment conversation is going to push them in a direction they don’t want to go.

And here’s the thing.

If you’re worried or scared about being sold to, how in the world are you going to sell? 

And when we talk about the enrollment of people into a program, that’s the same thing. 

Enrollment, sales, call it what you want, but fundamentally sales is your ability to help direct people in a direction they want to go and with the process of overcoming objections. 

It just so happens that the value you provide in that process involves an exchange of money. 

That’s it. 

That’s the only thing that makes overcoming objections fundamentally different.

So, if you cannot yourself see the value of a sales conversation where someone is selling to you, there’s no way you’re going to turn around and sell to someone else. That is a mindset block you’re going to have to get through. 

Do a little bit of mental inventory check. And a little bit of a skills check on uping your overcoming objections aspect.

In the Process of Overcoming Objections Think about it yourself.

  • How do you perceive a sales conversation with someone else?
  • If you were sitting in a sales conversation with someone else, what are you feeling? What are experiencing
Overcoming Objections 2

And I’m not talking about someone who is slimy or sleazy, I’m talking about just someone whom you’ve got respect for, you know is really good at what they do.

You may be even deep down inside you know you want to work with them or think about working with them…but think about what it means to you to sit in that sales conversation and talk about you achieving your goals. 

How does that make you feel? 

How is that structured for you personally? 

Because I’ll tell you, if you can’t figure that part out, you’ll never be able to turn that around to actually create a sales conversation for someone else. It’s a really, really critical piece.

So think that through, do the mental inventory, learn the skills to continue overcoming objections is a crucial skill for success. A lot of people who are selling their program or are trying to enroll people think about what it means for you to be able to create a positive, engaged enrollment conversation or sales conversation, call it whatever you want, for someone else when you’re feeling scared of that yourself.

I believe overcoming objections is something that a number of entrepreneurs get a little bit nervous about which is drastically impacting their bottom line.

“Breakthrough the fear of being able to embrace your goals, embrace where you want to go, and have someone help you in that process to get to where you want to go and it will reflect in the conversations that you have with your ideal clients as well.”