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Scale: How to Grow Your Business by Working Less

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A Scaled Business Runs Without Depending On Your 100% Attention3d_book_2

Imagine what your life would be like if you could earn money without having to exercise the same amount of effort that you expend today. What if you are in a business, like mine was, that is entirely dependent on you and your presence to generate income? If you don’t work, you don’t earn. Imagine transforming that business into one in which the earning takes place even without your direct involvement; you can, in fact, sit back and watch the money roll into your bank account. This book teaches you how to do it. By mastering the Four Keys of Scale, you can create a business that runs without you. And until you have that, you don’t have a business. You have a job.

From a Leader in Business Growth and Scale

Frank H Bria helps consultants and coaches turn their 6-figure practice into a 7-figure business. He has built and sold tech start ups as well as consulted for the largest international corporations in high tech, finance, and retail on 4 continents. He now takes what he used to teach the Fortune 500 and applies it to entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses. He is a 3-time author, speaker, strategist, and host of the podcast, Scale to Success. He is also star of the new TV show Startup Relaunch.

Read the Book That Will Teach You What You Need to Grow 10x of Your Current Size

This book doesn’t just teach the basics. This book is for advanced entrepreneurs looking to drive 10x value to their companies. Buy your copy today!

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