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Want to hit 7 figures in your business?

You need to scale. And scaling means operations systems.

You know. I know it. The problem is, how do you afford to implement operations systems when you’re just starting the growth curve? Because hiring a really skilled systems expert who can implement those systems for you will cost $200k+ per year.

Of course, great systems can deliver $2 – 5 million in value each year. So it’s worth it. But that doesn’t help you when you’re only earning $200k per year.

How does an integrator get you to 7 figures?

7 figures requires operations systems

Unless you’re a really unique entrepreneur, you’re going to need helping getting to 7 figures.

As you start your journey, you begin as a solopreneur – managing projects and maybe a team member or two.

As you finish the journey, you’ll be managing a team. And that team will be responsible for everything going on in your business.

Somehow along the way, you will have to acquire that team, train them, and guide them in everything that needs to happen to grow your business.

Oh, and you’ll have to do that even though you’ve never done this before.

That’s where an integrator comes in.

Imagine an integrator as a layer between you – as the visionary – and the rest of your business. They keep you focused on what you do well – content creation, long-term strategy, and big picture thinking. And they handle everything else.

Literally. Everything. Else.

Your organization should be split up into 3 major groups. You can even see them separated on your org chart (assuming you have one.)

An integrator makes sure all those things are working. Which is why it’s such an investment – and why it pays off so well. Imagine what your business would look like if all three of those things were running without you touching them.

Getting to 7 figures won’t be your problem.

7 figures would be amazing, right?

So what are you supposed to do before you “get there” – before you can hire a $200k+ per year rockstar? It depends on the size of your business.

If you’re a service business doing between $200k – $1 million per year in revenue, you need to start implementing systems across all 3 of these areas. And you need the “brains” of an implementer to support you and your team. It’s what we call Mentored Integration. You’re mentored through the steps.

Mentored Integration is the key to million dollar revenue

Remember how we talked about the trick of growing teams and systems?The big challenge for most entrepreneurs on the road to 7 figures is that they don’t know how to actually do any of this “stuff.”

Imagine having a resource that knew exactly which systems to implement and how to manage to those metrics successfully. That’s what Mentored Integration is.

A Mentor Integrator acts as the integrator for your business – mentoring you and your team to implement the systems. And they give you all the systems as templates for you to jointly adapt to your business with your Mentor Integrator’s help.

If you’re a service business doing between $1 million and $20 million, you need Mentored Integration. That’s basically hiring your $200k+ per year rockstar… part-time. And all for far less than $200k.

In addition, you may need some services to back up those 3 areas as well. It just depends on what you have in place and what you’re missing. And that’s where a really good Mentored Integration shop comes in.

Mentored Integration should be a one-stop-shop for management, leadership, execution, and accountability.

But here’s what happens when you put it in place.

The first 6 weeks are hell.

Yeah, I can’t lie to you about that. They just are. You have to “give up” control and let someone else make the calls. It’s hard. Honestly, it’s the hardest thing any entrepreneur has to do. That’s why so many can’t make it beyond 7 figures. You really need help through this phase.

But then things improve. Drastically.

You start to see a return on your blood, sweat, and tears. And I’m not just talking about the last 6 weeks. I’m talking about all the work you’ve done in your business so far.

Leads are just generated. Prospects are just converted. Customers just succeed. Cash is just generated. It happens because you’ve put the time in to systematize those 3 critical areas.

You finally get to “move on up.” You focus on the things that really matter to you.

  • Strategy.
  • Network.
  • Significance.

If you feel stuck here, then we should talk. For service businesses over $200k in annual revenue, this is what we eat for breakfast.

Let’s see what that looks like for you.